Mobile Remote Deposit

Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

Deposit a check using the camera on your smartphone or tablet and the Mobile Banking app.

Benefits and Features:

  • Deposit checks online easily, securely, whenever and whereever you want
  • Save time with fewer trips to an ATM or to the bank
  • Safe and secure

Getting Started is Easy:

  • Sign up for Online Banking
  • Download our Mobile Banking App
  • Call 731-209-1630 or 731-209-1634 and request to have this feature turned on.
  • Use your Online Banking Username and Password to login to the Mobile Banking App
  • Simply tap Deposit to deposit your check(s) and follow the prompts

For a detailed guide on using Mobile Deposit, Click Here


Important Deposit Requirements:

Endorsement- All Checks MUST have CB&T MOBILE DEPOSIT written below endorsement. 

(Note: If check isn't properly endorsed, it will be REJECTED)

  • The maximum you may deposit for any one item is $1,500.  The combined total of mobile deposits may not exceed $3,000 per business day.   You may request a change to these limits; however, approval is at the sole discretion of Carroll Bank & Trust. 
  • If you have multiple checks, each check must be deposited independently. 
  • Please make sure that the image of the check is clear and all information is readable. (Hint: place check on dark surface and in a well-lit area with all edges of the check within the viewing area)
  • Monitor your account and mobile app to verify that check has cleared and that funds are available before destroying any check. Carroll Bank and Trust may ask you to resubmit or provide original check if there is an issue with your deposit.  (Please keep checks for a minimum of 2 weeks)



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