Caring for our customers is our priority. It is a goal here at Carroll Bank & Trust to simplify your banking experience and manage your finances.

Our officers are on hand to help you achieve your goals safely and securely. No matter how you choose to bank, our officers are here to help you succeed.

  • Michael E. Cary
    Michael E. Cary President / CEO / Sr. Officer
  • Amy Carter
    Amy Carter Sr. Vice President / Sr. Officer
  • Betty Robinson
    Betty Robinson Vice President / Sr. Officer
  • Bonnie Autry
    Bonnie Autry Sr. Vice President / Sr. Officer
  • Brian Winston
    Brian Winston Loan Officer
  • Bryan Rainey
    Bryan Rainey City President / Sr. Officer
  • Carol Arnold
    Carol Arnold City President / Sr. Officer
  • Clint Butler
    Clint Butler City President / Sr. Officer
  • Colin Pruett
    Colin Pruett Loan Officer
  • Jennifer McMackin
    Jennifer McMackin Assistant Vice President/Loan Officer NMLS#309213
  • Chase Jordan
    Chase Jordan Loan Officer
  • John Killen
    John Killen City President / Sr. Officer
  • Josh Gibson
    Josh Gibson City President / Sr. Officer
  • Justin Oliver
    Justin Oliver City President / Sr. Officer
  • Laurie Pierce
    Laurie Pierce Loan Officer
  • Phil Fry
    Phil Fry Exec. Vice President / CFO / Sr. Officer
  • Lisa Cobb
    Lisa Cobb Sr. Vice President / Sr. Officer
  • Mark Warren
    Mark Warren City President / Sr. Officer
  • Tina Stalion
    Tina Stalion Vice President / CCO / Sr. Officer
  • Melissa Barber
    Melissa Barber Sr. Vice President / Sr. Officer
  • Billy B. Tines
    Billy B. Tines Sr. Officer
  • John D. Baumgardner
    John D. Baumgardner Sr. Vice President / CLO / Sr. Officer
  • Justin Rawls
    Justin Rawls Loan Officer
  • Amanda DeRossett
    Amanda DeRossett Loan Officer NMLS#1459694
  • Donna Jackson
    Donna Jackson Loan Officer
  • Matt Merrick
    Matt Merrick Vice President / Investments / Sr. Officer

Local decisions made at a local level, by the people you know and trust.

ALERT: Traveling? Let us know and a travel alert will be issued on your account. Remember, you can still use your PIN# when using your card. Thanks for banking with us at CB&T!