Mobile Banking with Mobile Deposit

You can securely manage your finances from your phone with just a few clicks. Mobile banking is designed to make it easier to complete tasks and set controls straight from your smartphone or tablet. You can also deposit checks without having to leave your house.

Get funds straight to your account when you use the mobile deposit feature on our mobile banking app. That means you can quickly and securely deposit money into your account to allow you to bank on the go. It just takes a few clicks.

Mobile Banking Features

The digital revolution is transforming that way you handle your funds. It’s easier now more than ever before to have access to the information and tasks you need to stay on top of your finances. With mobile banking, you get a wealth of features designed to improve your banking experience.

Schedule Payments

No need to make mental reminders to sign in and make a payment. With mobile banking, you can customize the settings to complete the process for you in just a few simple steps.

Transfer Money

When you need to move money between your accounts, you can do so quickly and securely. Just log into our mobile app and complete the transfer. It’s really that easy.

Check Your Balance

Get the information you need about your account balance within seconds by logging into your account through our mobile banking app. The report will show your current balance and transaction history.

Deposit Checks

Money can come a little sooner with mobile deposits. All you need is to sign into the app, enter in the deposit information, and then take a couple of snaps of the check.

The Benefit of Mobile Deposits

Save Yourself Time

It’s not necessary to make a trip to the bank when you want to deposit a check. Forgo waiting in line by logging into the mobile app. From there you will be prompted to fill out the information to complete your deposit.

Completely Secure

Completing the deposit requires you to input details and take photos of the check. None of which are stored on the phone. Instead, all the information you enter is securely shared with only Carroll Bank & Trust.

Bank When It’s Convenient

Mobile deposit is available 24/7. That means you can send your deposit information after hours and on weekends. Typically, funds will be available on the next business day.

Free Mobile Deposit

The mobile deposit is a free feature when you download our mobile app. There are no service fees to use the program. You can choose between a banking or savings account and deposit your check straight in!

The steps to making your first Mobile Deposit are simple! Click below to get started.

Carroll Bank & Trust Digital Banking Services

Our customers are our first priority. That’s why we take extra steps to make banking accessible for you. With our digital banking services, you can set your spending limit, keep an eye on transactions, and customize controls. View more of our digital banking services.

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