Fees & Charges

Other Fees and Services

Fax CopiesIncoming $2.50
Outgoing - $7.50
Check Printing FeesPricing may vary
Notary ServicesNo charge to our customers
Night DepositoryAfter hour service available at all locations
Lock Bags - $15.00
Zipper Bags - $2.00
Transcript Statement(Copy of Customer’s statement) $2.50 fee
Photocopies$.25 per copy
Collection Items$7.50 charge unless bank makes the decision to send an item off for collection
Safe Deposit Boxes$15.00 & up per year depending upon box size.
Replace Loan Coupon Book$5.00 Charge
Automatic Transfers within BankNo Charge
Escheat Fee$100.00
US Savings BondsRedeemable at any of our locations. Can be purchased online at www.treasurydirect.gov
Stop Payment Fee$20.00 (No charge for lost or stolen checks)
Cashiers Check$3.00 per check( not our policy to sell to non-customers)
Research Fees$10.00 per hour (min. 1 hour charge of $10.00) plus $.25 per copy of each statement
Bank WireIncoming $10.00, Outgoing $20.00, International Outgoing wire $50.00 (not our policy to do for non-customer)
Levies(1) On accounts with a balance less than $50.00- no fee
(2) On accounts with a balance $50.00 and over - 1/2 the balance up to $100.00
Charges for non customers to count coinsWe charge 10% of the total amount of coins brought to the bank
ATM feesYou may withdraw up to $510.00 from an ATM using your ATM or Debit Card per business day.
If used at any ATM other than MoneyPass Network a $1.00 charge will be applied.
Purchase limit for ATM cards is $1,000.00 per business day and Purchase limit for Debit Card is $1,500.00 per business day.
There will be a fee of $6.00 for a replacement card.
You will be assessed a fee on international debit card purchases based on the amount of the transaction.
Returned Deposited Item$2.00 charged back
$5.00 picked up
Cash Items$5.00 per item
Automatic Overdraft Sweep Fee$5.00 per transfer
Paper Statement$3.00 monthly paper statement fee for accounts that maintain an average monthly balance of less than $500
Dormant Account ( inactive accounts over 12 months)-$5.00 per month for checking accounts with a blanace less than $100.00
-$5.00 per month for savings accounts with a balance less than $50.00
Paid Overdraft Item Fee$33.00 per item
Returned NSF Item Fee$33.00 per item
Daily Overdraft FeeWe will charge your account a $5.00 per day "daily overdraft fee" on the fifth business day your account is overdrawn and each consecutive business day your account remains overdrawn.

Our overdraft/insufficient funds fee may be imposed for paying, or not paying, overdrafts you create by: check, ACH, ATM withdrawals or other electronic means.

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