Fees & Charges

Other Fees and Services

Fax CopiesIncoming $2.50
Outgoing - $7.50
Check Printing FeesPricing may vary
Notary ServicesNo charge to our customers
Night DepositoryAfter hour service available at all locations
Lock Bags - $15.00
Zipper Bags - $2.00
Transcript Statement(Copy of Customer’s statement) $2.50 fee
Photocopies$.25 per copy
Collection Items$7.50 charge unless bank makes the decision to send an item off for collection
Safe Deposit Boxes$15.00 & up per year depending upon box size.
Replace Loan Coupon Book$5.00 Charge
Automatic Transfers within BankNo Charge
Escheat Fee$100.00
US Savings BondsRedeemable at any of our locations. Can be purchased online at www.treasurydirect.gov
Stop Payment Fee$20.00 (No charge for lost or stolen checks)
Cashiers Check$3.00 per check( not our policy to sell to non-customers)
Research Fees$10.00 per hour (min. 1 hour charge of $10.00) plus $.25 per copy of each statement
Bank WireIncoming $10.00, Outgoing $20.00, International Outgoing wire $50.00 (not our policy to do for non-customer)
Levies(1) On accounts with a balance less than $50.00- no fee
(2) On accounts with a balance $50.00 and over - 1/2 the balance up to $100.00
Charges for non customers to count coinsWe charge 10% of the total amount of coins brought to the bank
ATM feesYou may withdraw up to $510.00 from an ATM using your ATM or Debit Card per business day.
If used at any ATM other than MoneyPass Network a $1.00 charge will be applied.
Purchase limit for ATM cards is $1,000.00 per business day and Purchase limit for Debit Card is $1,500.00 per business day.
There will be a fee of $6.00 for a replacement card.
You will be assessed a fee on international debit card purchases based on the amount of the transaction.
Returned Deposited Item$2.00 charged back
$5.00 picked up
Cash Items$5.00 per item
Automatic Overdraft Sweep Fee$5.00 per transfer
Paper Statement$3.00 monthly paper statement fee for accounts that maintain an average monthly balance of less than $500
Dormant Account ( inactive accounts over 12 months)-$5.00 per month for checking accounts with a blanace less than $100.00
-$5.00 per month for savings accounts with a balance less than $50.00
Paid Overdraft Item Fee$33.00 per item
Returned NSF Item Fee$33.00 per item
Daily Overdraft FeeWe will charge your account a $5.00 per day "daily overdraft fee" on the fifth business day your account is overdrawn and each consecutive business day your account remains overdrawn.

Our overdraft/insufficient funds fee may be imposed for paying, or not paying, overdrafts you create by: check, ACH, ATM withdrawals or other electronic means.

We are currently remodeling our Huntingdon Branch. Investments and Lending are temporarily located in the building to the right of the Employee Parking Lot. For additional questions, please give us a call.   Contact Us