Investments and Trusts

* “These products are not FDIC-insured. These products are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the principal amount invested.”

Why A Trust?

Giving Your Family a Secure Future

You do all you can for your family. You work hard to provide them financial security. You try to make their lives as happy and carefree as possible. You want them to enjoy life with you and with each other. And you want them to continue to be secure, even if you are not around to share life with them.

While you have taken steps to provide them with financial security now, you may not have thought about whom will ensure that security if something happens to you. Any death is stressful on family members and friends. Your family may be too grief-stricken to handle the responsibilities of overseeing your estate assets.

For example, family members may be too distracted to manage and distribute your property correctly. They may not be able to act impartially and objectively. And they may not have the tax and estate-settlement expertise necessary to settle your estate quickly and most cost-effectively. The settlement process could go on longer than necessary and cost you most in taxes and other expenses.

Trust Services

Carroll Bank & Trust has a full-service Trust Department with years of experience. Our dedicated team has all the administrative power and expertise to make your trust work the way you need it to help with investment management and estate planning.

Your dedicated team of professionals:

Mike Cary

Wanda Fuller

Advantages of using Carroll Bank & Trust

  • By naming Carroll Bank & Trust as Trustee, you can relieve your spouse and family members from the burdens of asset management and investment decisions. You may reduce Federal Estate Taxes as assets pass from husband to wife and then to children (or vice versa).
  • Our department officers make all investment decisions within guidelines established by our Trust Investment Committee. The knowledge and experience of these individuals are brought to each estate or trust investment decision.
  • Carroll Bank & Trust will be available to serve as your personal representative. Individuals may move away, get sick, or die, but Carroll Bank & Trust remains accessible, stable, and impartial.
  • We work every day with money, stocks, bonds, mortgages, real estate, and other investments; are familiar with tax and probate rules; and are accustomed to detailed record keeping. Our Trust Department is staffed and equipped to perform the administrative work you may need.
  • A Trust with Carroll Bank & Trust can protect against spendthrift habits; i.e., we will hold the capital and will pay the income to the beneficiary.
  • If you live in Carroll County, your trust affairs will be managed right here rather than from miles away.

Personal Representative

When anyone dies, someone must take charge of the deceased person’s financial affairs. You may name Carroll Bank & Trust as Personal Representative of your estate.

As Personal Representative, we:

  • Assemble and inventory all assets owned by the deceased person (stocks, bonds, checking account, savings accounts, certificate of deposit, home, furnishings, auto, notes, etc.)
  • Identify and pay all obligations and taxes owed by the deceased person (household bills, last illness, funeral, income tax, Federal Estate Tax, etc.)
  • Distribute the balance of assets to the beneficiaries named in the Will.
  • Account to the court and the heirs for every penny paid out.

Brokerage Services

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Caring for our customers is our priority. It is a goal here at Carroll Bank & Trust to simplify your banking experience and manage your finances. Local decisions made at a local level, by the people you know and trust.

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