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A remodel big or small can become a financial burden but with Carroll Bank & Trust it doesn’t have to be. Whether you need a loan to add some curb appeal, looking to build an addition on your existing house or wanting to lower bills by making the house more economical friendly, Carroll Bank is here for you.

Different home projects require different loans and each loan has their own pros and cons. A small single room remodel might be better suited for a small personal loan where as a new addition or bigger project would be better suited for an Equity Loan or Construction Loan.

  • A personal loan for a small project will have a shorter term resulting in a quicker payoff and the customer paying less interest, but may have a higher payment.
  • A bigger project such as remodel of a kitchen or bathroom might be better suited for an Equity Loan. These loans have very competitive interest rates, longer terms, and lower payments.
  • Expanding a home would be better paired with a construction loan. These loans are interest only during the construction and then can be turned into a second mortgage or refinanced with a current first mortgage and have only one payment.

It doesn’t matter what the project might be Carroll Bank has a loan that would be perfectly suited for it. Come by any of our branches and speak with a loan officer. Let us take the worry out of your next big home decision.

-Justin Rawls, Loan Officer (NMLS#1019455)

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